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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Japan Style 2008 - In the Details at Maison & Objet

My favourite of the show was 'The Japan Style' showcased in the 'Now' design Hall 7 at Maison Objet in Paris. This collection features 17 product techniques by a Japanese designers and represent “products that blend age-old Japanese craft making techniques with the sleekness and appeal of modern design” these designs have been firmly built upon traditions and refined over many generations evolving as they pass through each generation. The products below are examples of the variety of techniques featured.

This 'Traces of Layered Ceramic' tableware collection by Aida Yusuke is made from a technique called neriage, in which slices are cut from a layered combination of several clays. This beautiful tableware is made in a kiln which is the only one in the world that has mass production capacity for ceramics made in this sophisticated Japanese neriage technique. www.yusukeaiada.co.jp

Kurikyu's Japanese wooden ware, or magewappa is made with blending and coating techniques that bring out the beautiful texture and straight grains of Akita Cedar. These lightweight items are both works of art and daily functional objects.


Kanazu Sen-i's environmentally friendly bags are made using mostly plant- origin materials, which are 100%, biodegradable and do not produce hazardous gases when burned. Materials include a base fabric of polylactic corn fibres, natural cotton threads and buttons made of biodegradable plastic. The fibres are pleated or scrunched to give elasticity, allowing the bags to be folded for easy storage.


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