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Thursday, 19 July 2007

philippe starck's watch for fossil

The one thing that prevents some of us from sporting watches is that they look so, well, watch-y. Philippe Starck's Veiled watch for Fossil appears to be a simple bracelet to the unassuming eye, but the wearer won't ever lose track of time due to the electroplated crystal face that camouflages itself into the band. spotted on mocoloco

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

david adjaye prefab house

Take a look at this... Stunning David Adjaye prefabricated timber framed building constructed for London based Photographer Ed Reeve. The 150 sq. meter home using contractor Eurban’s solid spruce timber structure was largely constructed in a swift five days. Eurban claims that each cubic meter of timber saves almost a tonne of carbon dioxide emissions compared with a brick or block structure. Ed's photographic diary details the constructional phases of the build. www.edsshed.co.uk/
image by Ed Reeve.

when objects work

'When Objects Work' is the vision of its director BĂ©atrice de Lafontaine. The Belgian company produces and distributes exclusive objects designed by leading designers and architects whose work shares a preoccupation with simple forms, immaculate function and a timeless idiom.

William Morris famously observed that you should ‘have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’. From its first collection shown at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2001, when objects work has pursued the principle that everyday objects may both useful and beautiful, commissioning designers to explore the theme of decorative art as superlative domestic equipment in the fullest and most challenging ways possible and developing innovative manufacturing solutions where necessary. Most of the pieces are still made by hand. www.whenobjectswork.be

Monday, 9 July 2007

magnet rings

A design by stephanie radenac. Found and available at favorite choses.

New Designers - part 1 highlights

I was delighted to be a member of the judging panel for the BDC New Designer of the Year 2007. As a regular attendee of the show I was well aware that the standard just gets better year on year. It was a daunting task particularly because the prize holds not only financial gain and also business support and guidance to launch this designer’s career.

On Wednesday after painstaking deliberation we finally managed to decide almost unanimously on our Business Design Centre New Designer of the Year and Runner up. After a well deserved cocktail in the evening we watched Boris Johnston MP officially open the show with a hilarious off the cuff speech. Congratulations to all the designers for an excellent show and special to well done and 'hat's off' to the departments at the University of Westminster who in spite of a devastating fire the weekend before, managed to pull out all the stops to present at New Designers!


Sunday, 8 July 2007

Congratulations Nutre Arayavanish from the RCA!
BDC New Designer of the year.
Congratulations also to Claire McLachlan
Knitted Textile Designer who was Runner up.

One year on. Curated by Thorsten Van Elten Matt J Smith / Ikuko Iwamoto / Andrew English

Jewellery & Precious Metal Work Sarah Essex / Sarah Denny / Karen Simpson

Ceramics & GlassSteph Smith / Thomas Allen / Mizuyo Yamashita
Rebecca Harvey / Emmy-Gai Palmer / Rachel Loo

Contemporary Applied Arts Sarah Brown / Andrew Oliver / Gemma Bourne

Fashion Textiles & Accessories Moira Douglas / Gee - Young, Uhm /

Thursday, 5 July 2007

sneak peak...

Here's a sneak preview of some of Habitat's new products. These items are part of the AW 07/08 'Every Product Tells a Story' range. This collection will be availble in stores at the end of August.

Contact; Habitat UK Tel +44 (0)870 411 5501 www.habitat.net