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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

HE & Marcel Wanders

Holland Electro [HE] have collaborated with Marcel Wanders to launch a new collection of Home appliances. 'Pandora' is a small table with an integrated super woofer accompanied by two wireless 'Egg' shaped speakers that create a sterio sound for music on your laptop or mp3 player. This collection also includes a microwave that incorporates a TFT screen and DVD player on the door.
Ain't those bunnies cute! [via designcrack] www.he-marcelwanders.com

Monday, 17 December 2007

Christmas tree poster

If you haven't already got your nordic spruce... quick buy one of these Christmas Tree posters. Available from www.atypyk-e-shop.com

Friday, 7 December 2007

Green Xmas Tree by Buro North

Australian graphic/product designers Buro North claim their plywood flat-pack Christmas tree is “80% more environmentally friendly” than a traditional fir or spruce. It is made with environmentally aware ingredients, they are CNC routered with waste material minimised by design, the flat pack tree is emissions-efficient to transport and the most sustainable feature of the ‘green’ tree is that you can use it for many Christmases to come. Available in 3 sizes at www.buronorth.com

naught one - portion sofa

The boys from naughtone have designed this modular sofa which looks super comfortable. We really love the contrasting button detail on the seats, which compliments its sleek profile. The tactile waffle finish is from bute fabric’s braemar collection. It's also nice to see a hand made british product on the market. Available fromAria

www.butefabrics.co.uk www.naughtone.com

Monday, 3 December 2007

Bernabeifreeman - Seams 002 light

I love these lights by Australian based designers Rina Bernabei and Kelly Freeman. These lights were inspired by traditional archetypal cloth lampshades. Made from perforated and folded aluminium, the superlight thin metal gives them a delicate paper-like quality. You can see more of Bernabeifreeman's work at thier web site at www.bernabeifreeman.com.

Saturday, 1 December 2007


Danish/Italian Design duo Gam Plus have designed these "Antropomorfo [human form] Chairs" These cute looking chairs have been inspired from children’s drawings and designed in cartoonish proportions. The chairs will launched by Swedish Company Swedese in February at the Stockholm furniture fair.


Friday, 23 November 2007

Just a touch of Gold

Metallic finishes is a trend that's been continually reinvented season after season. I love these pieces, which have just a touch of bling to give the products that luxury detailing without going over the top.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

B&B Patricia Urquiola

I love this new collection of garden furniture called Canasta from B&B by Patricia Urquiola. She's taken inspiration from tradiational Vienna straw, with its decorative geometric weave and magnifed the proportions to create a contemporary look. You can find more of the collection at www.bebitalia.it

Jethro Macey - Lace Paving Slabs

Jethro Macey a BA(Hons) 3D Design graduate from University College Falmouth, designs and makes interior and in this case exterior products. He recently won the prestigious Elle Decoration British Design Awards; one of the highest accolades in the industry. Jethro’s Lace Embossed Concrete Tiles beat off stiff competition from Timorous Beasties for Brintons Carpets, Committee for The Rug Company and Barnaby Barford for Thorsten Van Elten, to win Best Flooring Product 2007.

These concrete slabs have a repeating pattern, which has been converted from lace into a three-dimensional form using CNC milling and cast in concrete. You can find these and his other products on his web site. > click here

Monday, 19 November 2007

Metaphys Hono light

Japanese brand Metaphys have been doing the rounds at the trade fairs. Spotted this at 100% London and 100% Tokyo. The Hono light is ignited by touching it with a magnetic match and extinguished by blowing on it. The LED light source even flickers like a real candle.

Metaphys also presented their uzu cyclone vacuum, sooo much better looking than a dyson which in comparison looks like a cheap taiwanese transformer toy.

Inga Sempe Lighting

We love these lights by Paris based designer Inga Sempe. This traditional technique of micro pleating looks great on these contemporary shapes. You can find these and more of her work at www.ingasempe.com.

Friday, 16 November 2007

Natural Wave - requires radiator, hot beverage, various pastries

Byung-seok You's Natural Wave, Is a functional tray warmer. The ceramic tray's feet nestle cozily into any radiator's gaps, securing it into place, the radiating heat from the rad keeps your beverages and snacks Climate-controlled. I'd definitely buy one, if I er had old school radiators in my house. [via Core 77]

Monday, 12 November 2007

Delightful Blog

I am "delighted" to announce that this blog, Design Super Stuff, has been listed in the stylish and trendy Delightful Blogs - an honour indeed! Just in case you aren't familiar with Delightful Blogs, it is a blog catalogue filled with the blogs that are the best on the web, featuring interiors, design, fashion and much more. They are "Cutting Through the Blog Smog". There is such great stuff listed on delightful blogs and I'm proud to be listed with all of them.
Thank you Delightful Blogs!

Trend Watch - Lace

Lace seems to be a growing trend with more and more designers updating the look by using it with new materials or mixing it with contemporary patterns. Marcel Wanders used it on chairs, lamps and animals at the Salone Milano. It has also featured heavily in this seasons fashion catwalks. We expect this will be a continually evolving theme in the interiors world.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Favorite Glass

We're loving these gorgeous glass pieces, particularly this new piece from Norberto Morettii [available at Vessel] There is just something about these organic shaped glass pieces with contrasting dramatic cuts that takes the breath away. Well that's if your as fanatical about glass as we are!

Ilse Crawford Furniture & Interiors

While updating myself with my fellow bloggers I came across some pics of Ilse Crawford’s furniture which I thought worthy of a mention it's not a new collection but nevertheless still looks great, especially because it kick started the trend now everywhere for Victorian inspired turned wood. Having previously designed some gorgeous mirrored cabinets for Baleri Italia she crated these lacquered wooden pieces in conjunction with Ferrious and the rug with Christopher Farr. via style files.

She has also recently completed the interiors for two new restaurants at Grand Hotel Stockholm in Sweden. The restaurants are Matsalen and Matbaren . Matbaren features a gilded narrative screen specially commissioned from Dutch/Belgian designers Studio Job. There are tables in natural wood, and raw Swedish primitive pieces from the 1700s. There is a mix of Swedish, Scandinavian and global pieces, such as Pyra chairs by Marten Cyren, lights by Jorn Utzen, and chairs by Vico Magistretti. In Matsalen the design seams more intimate and rarified, a place to spend time and features parquet flooring and chesterfield sofas in velvet. The lighting is a mix pieces with Swedish classics; a chandelier by Carlo Scarpa and the classic Swedish kitchen lamp, in brass. In a nod to the history of the Grand Hotel many of the chairs have been rescued from around the hotel and revitalised in soft naturally dyed yellow leather and partnered with chairs by Josef Frank from Svenskt Tenn.

Wednesday, 31 October 2007


These pieces are the perfect combination of two new trends: a desire for furniture with a narrative and a new enthusiasm for the exuberant colour palette offered by vintage textiles. I love this juxtaposition of very traditional furniture with really interesting fabrics It also encapsulates a trend for recycling - giving old, well-made pieces of furniture a new lease of life. You can find these at Lisa Whatmough's Squint boutique in east London and in Liberty's.

people will always need plates - Limited Editions

People will always need plates have launched these limited edition versions of thier trellick tower illustrated mugs in black and gold metalic lustre. There's also a set of three dinner plates featuring london lankmark buildings, aparently only 100 avaiable. Available at vesselpeople always need plates

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

sena gu

This caught my eye first at New designers and then at Tent during london design week. Sena gu is a recent graduate from the ceramics & glass department at the rca. Am liking the humor in this product as well as refined detail and finish on this lemon squeezer. you can see more at www.sena.gu.com

Monday, 29 October 2007

100% Norway: Glass

These beautiful pieces of Glass were presented by 100% Norway at 100% design exhibition in London. Each designer has taken the 100% Norway key theme of sustainability and interpreted it in a new way. One example is Cathrine Maske’s Blue Wing Butterfly vase which has been designed to draw attention to a national species that is close to extinction – immortalised as it is forever now within multiple layers of glass.
More info on 100% Norway... www.norway.org.uk

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion

Last chance to visit the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2007 by Olafur Eliasson and Kjetil Thorsen ends 5 November 2007. If you haven't seen it already and your in town it's definately worth stopping by for a coffee to admire the timberclad structure which resembles a spinning top. There's a spiralling ramp which makes two complete turns, allowing visitors to ascend from the Gallery lawn to the highest point for views across Kensington Gardens as well as a bird’s eye view of the chamber below.
for more info on the sepentine... www.serpentinegallery.org

Friday, 26 October 2007

Kenzo Home Collection

Spotted the new Kenzo Home collection at Maison Object. It looked great, love the vibrant mix of scales patterns and textures! Check at Kenzo's web site at www.kenzo.com

More Steel bending... not a new concept but a quirky design nonetheless. Piegato by MRDO Products is a “sheet steel rack with a surprisingly high load capacity, laser cut and powder coated sheet steel” a simple design, allowing YOU to choose which you use as shelves and which as magnetic boards. www.mrdoproducts.com

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Store Visit - Le Bon Marche Paris

Here's some lighting from Bon Marche in Paris. Particulalry liked these hand painted style shades. This store has a good variety of lighting from big brands to some smaller lesser known designers. It's always a destination store for me when I'm in Paris.

Le Bon Marche
24 Rue de Sevres
75 007 Paris.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Mater at Maison Objet

Mater which translates as mother is another company I came across at Maison . Nice products and an even nicer stance on ethical trading and sustainability. This is what they say about themselves…
“founded in 2006, mater is a copenhagen-based company with a strong vision to create timeless and beautiful design based on an ethical business strategy. mater is committed to creating ethical, sustainable and socially responsible design in accordance with the principles of the un voluntary corporate responsibility initiative, the united nations global compact. mater is a global compact participant. we support united nations declaration of human rights, united nations global compact and the international labour organisation (ilo) fundamental principles and rights at work.” You can find our more on their website www.materdesign.com and you can also visit them on their stand at 100% Design.

Maison Objet Paris

Refer & Staer have updated thier ice chandelier in a new dark tint with this lovely cut glass for a extra bit of sparkle. They will be exhibiting at 100% design Sept 20th - 23rd. www.refer-staer.dk

Spotted these great little rotational moulding lamps with solar powered lights at Maison in the Design Now hall. By a company called Bloom from Holland check out www.bloempot.nu for more info.

Love this tray of candles from Pols Potten for this and other products check out www.polspotten.nl


Wednesday, 29 August 2007


Loving this range of graphical recycling boxes which provides a stylish storage soloution for all that unsightly cardboard and plastic packaging before being taken away for recycling. Designed by One Foot Taller and K2 Products. The boxes are water resistant boxes and can fit neatly into standard car boots and kitchen cupboards, and are collapsible when not in use.
A definate purchase for me is this Laundry Bin made of recycled rubber tyres. Available from Graham & Greene, London or from vincon.com

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

More stylish watches

More stylish watches...LED-heavy and close to undecipherable watches from, seahope

Smile – and your bowl will smile back at you

The decorative bowl from Eva Denmark A/S has won the Formland Design Award – Autumn 2007. Eva Solo Smiley is designed by Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk the two designers behind the recognised Danish design firm Tools. The bowl has deliberately been designed so that it produces a smile, and it is made of several layers of clear, coloured glass. via designscout.dk

Shipping Container Tiles

Jason Miller's ceramic shipping container tiles. www.millerstudio.usVia design*sponge

Thursday, 19 July 2007

philippe starck's watch for fossil

The one thing that prevents some of us from sporting watches is that they look so, well, watch-y. Philippe Starck's Veiled watch for Fossil appears to be a simple bracelet to the unassuming eye, but the wearer won't ever lose track of time due to the electroplated crystal face that camouflages itself into the band. spotted on mocoloco

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

david adjaye prefab house

Take a look at this... Stunning David Adjaye prefabricated timber framed building constructed for London based Photographer Ed Reeve. The 150 sq. meter home using contractor Eurban’s solid spruce timber structure was largely constructed in a swift five days. Eurban claims that each cubic meter of timber saves almost a tonne of carbon dioxide emissions compared with a brick or block structure. Ed's photographic diary details the constructional phases of the build. www.edsshed.co.uk/
image by Ed Reeve.

when objects work

'When Objects Work' is the vision of its director Béatrice de Lafontaine. The Belgian company produces and distributes exclusive objects designed by leading designers and architects whose work shares a preoccupation with simple forms, immaculate function and a timeless idiom.

William Morris famously observed that you should ‘have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’. From its first collection shown at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2001, when objects work has pursued the principle that everyday objects may both useful and beautiful, commissioning designers to explore the theme of decorative art as superlative domestic equipment in the fullest and most challenging ways possible and developing innovative manufacturing solutions where necessary. Most of the pieces are still made by hand. www.whenobjectswork.be

Monday, 9 July 2007

magnet rings

A design by stephanie radenac. Found and available at favorite choses.

New Designers - part 1 highlights

I was delighted to be a member of the judging panel for the BDC New Designer of the Year 2007. As a regular attendee of the show I was well aware that the standard just gets better year on year. It was a daunting task particularly because the prize holds not only financial gain and also business support and guidance to launch this designer’s career.

On Wednesday after painstaking deliberation we finally managed to decide almost unanimously on our Business Design Centre New Designer of the Year and Runner up. After a well deserved cocktail in the evening we watched Boris Johnston MP officially open the show with a hilarious off the cuff speech. Congratulations to all the designers for an excellent show and special to well done and 'hat's off' to the departments at the University of Westminster who in spite of a devastating fire the weekend before, managed to pull out all the stops to present at New Designers!


Sunday, 8 July 2007

Congratulations Nutre Arayavanish from the RCA!
BDC New Designer of the year.
Congratulations also to Claire McLachlan
Knitted Textile Designer who was Runner up.

One year on. Curated by Thorsten Van Elten Matt J Smith / Ikuko Iwamoto / Andrew English

Jewellery & Precious Metal Work Sarah Essex / Sarah Denny / Karen Simpson

Ceramics & GlassSteph Smith / Thomas Allen / Mizuyo Yamashita
Rebecca Harvey / Emmy-Gai Palmer / Rachel Loo

Contemporary Applied Arts Sarah Brown / Andrew Oliver / Gemma Bourne

Fashion Textiles & Accessories Moira Douglas / Gee - Young, Uhm /